Cupertino City Special Meeting (March,17, 2014) – Vote NO to SCA5

beiqin vote no to SCA 5
My name is Bei Qin and I am the CEO of ACEQ Investment Group. Our company is in Cupertino. I have a master degree of computer science. I am opposed to SCA 5. I believe that No student should be favored or degraded because of race.
I have a son who has already graduated from UC Riverside. I believe that many people are here, whose children are already grown up or they do not have kids. We are here not for our own kids but we come here for our Asian group, the hard working group. We truly believe California should be a State with no racial discrimination in any field, any event, and any place.
I hope that Cupertino is the first city in the State that votes “No to SCA 5”.


– 秦蓓地产投资集团总裁发言

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