We are Prosperous with the Land

I invited dozens of friends to visit an organic farm in the south Bay last Saturday, 9/21/2013. We held a party on the farm and tasted delicious organic food. The farmers are a couple who came from Taiwan many years ago. They bought this 10 acres of row land in 1996 with total amount of $133,000. After 17 years, the couple have planted hundreds of orchard trees, various types of vegetables. They also farm fish, various poultry, and sheep. The farm is vibrant. The husband is working at a bank 3 days per week. The wife stays on the farm and takes care it. The produce on the farm are more than they can eat, so they sell them to the local supermarkets. The annual income from the farm is near $30,000. They are very excited to tell us that their 10 acres of land has been appreciated over 3 times more in the past 17 years. The farmers very proudly said “we are prosperous with the land.”

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2013-09-24 12.26.10 IMG_2092
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