$891 million project in Palmdale, CA (Dated: 6/12/2014)

Do you own any properties in Palmdale City, Los Angeles, California? If you do not, please read the information below.


Kinkisharyo, a world leader in rail car production, has announced that it will construct a new, permanent manufacturing facility in Palmdale, California.




“Kinkisharyo landed a 10-year, $891 million contract with MTA in Los Angeles for over 200 rail cars for the Metro system. Palmdale will sell 60 acres of land located on the corner of Sierra Highway and Avenue M for $1.3 million to Kinkisharyo, and bring utilities and infrastructure to the property. The targeted completion date for the new, permanent manufacturing facility is May 2015. (Image courtesy Kinkisharyo)”




This project will benefit the local job market with a demand of project 500+ job occupations. Moreover, the land price in Palmdale will go up immediately.




Background: During the year 2001 to 2004, Kinkisharyo delivered 100 Light Rail Vehicles for San Jose, CA – Valley Transportation Authority (VTA).

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