A number of TTM (tentative tract maps) Given Extensions on Residential Zoned Land

Several housing development plans have recently been approved for extensions of tract maps, a 20 acres plot of R-7000 zoned parcels at 67th West at J-8. They are setting up to build 109 single family homes here.

Almost 30 acres at 30th East at K was approved for 45 single family homes zoned R-10,000, and 10 acres of 30th East at Nugent zoned R-7000 was also approved for a TTM extension for 39 single family homes.

A 10 acre parcel at Lancaster Blvd I-8 at 30th East was approved for 25 single family homes.

Along with 32 acres at 15th East at H-8 approving a subdivision of 126 single family homes zoned R-7000 with a 1 year extension.Also recently approved was 41 single family homes on 9.4 acres of R-7000 zoned land for a tentative track map with a one year extension.

A 72 acre plot at 52nd West at K-8 was approved, and not to be out done a 30 acre plot of R-7000 zoned parcels was approved at 37th East at I-8 (Lancaster Blvd).

15 acres at 15th West at K targeting 58 single family homes was granted an extension of a year with another 28 acres at 35th East at J with a TTM approved for 114 single family homes on R-7000 land was extended for two years.

The activity and sanctioning of building land is progressing in Lancaster with these recent extensions.

Source: Land Investment News (blog)

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