“ACEQ is not just a company that cares about its own business interests. They are sincere in helping clients. Even though I didn’t buy their land, neither buy any real estate properties from them, they still answered all my questions about real estate investment in the past 3 years.”
— Jamie K., Milpitas, California, September 2018
“Thanks Hao and Bei for your great help, very much appreciated! This is the second land parcel that I purchased from ACEQ. I highly recommend ACEQ’s services and products to my friends!”
— Julie Z., San Jose, California, May, 2018
Liyu Yang's parcel APN 3052-011-015 “Thanks to ACEQ Investment Group agents for providing us the ‘Rollover IRA into Real Estate Solution’. I have purchased multiple land parcels from ACEQ Investment Group.”
— Mr. Yang, San Jose, California, February, 2018
Eunice Huang “I bought a land in Antelope Valley from ACEQ Investment company in 2010 and paid 60K. Five years later, in spring of 2015, a San Francisco based solar company started to contact us and we sold this land at three times as our purchase price.
During the years we owned the land, ACEQ handled our property taxes, and also provided consultation and referred real estate lawyer to us.
We are not only very happy with ACEQ’s land banking products, but also the services they provided. The entire experience of this investment has been extremely smooth and worry free!
— Eunice Huang, Cupertino, California, July, 2017
(Click left picture to view more details!)
image1 “I want to buy more large land, even agriculture land!”
— Mr. Zheng, China, June, 2017
Note: Mr. Zheng is our customer. From beginning of year 2017 till now, he has invested more than $3.4 million in purchasing more than 70 acres of land in the Antelope Valley, northern Los Angeles County. Some of the land is commercial zoning and some is residential zoning.
Zhang family “We want to purchase more California land! Thank you for your excellent services.”
— Zhang Family, California, March, 2017
“My wife and I are grateful to Ms. Qin Bei and her associates for providing such a great investment opportunity and the A-Class-Excellent-Quality service. We purchased a vacant land in Los Angeles County with water pipe already connected. So the land value has more potential to appreciate. With these knowledge, we will invest more into California land.”
— Young and Regina, California, December 2016
Gloria Chen Testimonials “ My son will appreciate we bought the land for him, he will receive many times return from this parcel in the future.”
— Gloria Chen, Cupertino, California, May 27, 2015
(Click left picture to watch the interview video!)
4 times in 8 years Land companies and builders are buying land! The offer is 4 times more than the purchase price within 8 years! .”
– Ren&Zhang, April, 2015
(Click picture to view more details)
Linda Wang “For an engineer, land investment is a great product to achieve good return while saving time and energy.”
– Di Wang, December, 2014
(Click left picture to watch the interview video!)
Linda Wang “I liked ACEQ’s land banking strategy. After attending their workshop,  I liquidated my IRA from the stock market last month to avoid the 4%+ stock market drop. Otherwise, I would have lost a couple thousand dollars in 2 weeks. I rolled over my IRA fund from the volatile stock market and purchased a 5 acres land parcel from ACEQ.”
– Xiaorong Zhang, August 2014
Linda Wang “In the early 90s, I saw a pre-developed land parcel that cost approximately $10,000 per acre. But for some reasons, I didn’t buy it. 20 years later, the land has been subdivided into lots, now listing for $1 million dollars per acre. Seeing that growth, I decided to purchase a 5-acre land parcel with others using “Tenancy in Common” (TIC) . I know I made the right decision with ACEQ Investment’s support and service”
– Linda Wang, July 2014
Jane Chen “Wealthy Life, from owning land. Our contentment and peace of mind is from owning land from ACEQ.”
— Jane Chen, April 2014
Rosemary coates-2 ” I bought 5 acre of land in Antelope Valley in 2013. When I visited that place, I could see development is moving in that direction. It’s very good sign. Eventually while I sell the property it will make good return.”
— Rosemary Coates, March 2014
Title #1 ” Our land tripled within 5 years when we sold it. We are very happy and are buying our 4th parcel from ACEQ”
— Allen And Linda Atwood, Dec, 2009
Title #2 “Happy new year to you.  Best wishes you and ACEQ in 2012.  I am glad that I became a land owner. I hope to own more parcels in the near future.
I also feel lucky to know you and learn from you in many aspects over time.”
–Fengliang Xue, San Jose, California, January 1, 2012
Title #3 Thanks to Bei Qin who introduced me to roll over our IRA into real estate. We purchased our first property in 2004. When I saw my neighbors sold 150% more than what I paid in 2004, I decided to purchase my second property.
— Howard Chou, July, 2006, Saratoga, CA
Title #4 “We are really enjoyed working with Bei. She is very pleasant and professional. Also she is patient and answered all our questions. Best of all my property has appreciated at substantially higher rate than I could ever imagine. Thus, our financial future is much brighter.”
— Ernest and Beverly, Sunnyvale, CA
Title #5

“ We lost money in the stock makret, we received a very good appreciation from our real estate investment.”
— John and Li, Eden Prairie, MN

Title #6

“My investment almost tripled in three years… find me a bigger parcel for my IRA.”
— Li, San Jose, CA.

Title #7 “I met Bei last summer quite casually. I was shopping at a local Farmer’s Market and Bei’s company was one of the market’s sponsors. Bei had a booth set up at the market which allowed for her to pass out info on converting retirement accounts (401K’s, IRA’s, etc) into California Real Estate. As soon as Bei suggested this idea to me I was interested. After discussing the idea for a bit combined with her infectious smile, it wasn’t long before I had signed up and had scheduled a separate meeting to convert my IRA’s into a parcel of land in Southern California.
From that first meeting through today, Bei has been a pleasure to do business with. Her constant positive spirit along with her trademark smile makes one forget that you are actually conducting business!
I would recommend Bei to anyone interested in investing for their future retirement. Bei’s background and knowledge of the industry and future trends was extremely helpful when making the decision to roll over the retirement funds (IRA’s, 401K’s, etc) into land”
— Mike, San Carlos, CA
Title #8 “The investment appreciation exceeded my expectation. Within one year, the property next to my property sold 2.5 times as the price I paid.”
— Jian, San Jose, CA
Title #9 “If our IRA funds were still in the stock market, we would have lost a lot of money. We are glad that we rolled all of them into real estate.”
— Zehui, Femont, CA
Title #10 “Thanks to ACEQ agent who provides me the excellent opportunity to roll over my IRA into California real estate.”
— Tsing, Portola Valley, CA
Title #11 “I did not know that I could roll over my IRA to real estate until I met with Bei Qin. Now not only did I roll over my IRA to real estate, but also asked my mother to roll over her IRA into real estate.”
— Victoria, Newark, CA
Title #12 “I never would have known about the real estate opportunities in Palmdale without Bei Qin. Her expertise in this area in helping me pick a property that fit both my budget and my requirements was invaluable.”
— S. Byrne, Cupertino, CA
Title #13 “ The Simmons turned $120,000 into $1,125,000 in 10 years… The compound annual growth rate is 25.08%. ”
— Robert Simmons, May 17, 2007
Title #14 “Thanks to ACEQ agents for providing us the rollover IRA into real estate solution . We are going to purchase our second parcel from ACEQ!”
— Ed and Pu, Palo Alto, CA


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