BYD Pure Electric Bus Tour in Brazil


On Nov. 22nd of 2013, BYD pure electric bus tour in Brazil started. At the first activity in Sao Paulo, BYD with local operator Mobilbrasil jointly held an opening ceremony for this tour, where many officials of SPTrans and SP Ministry of Transportation witnessed and local medias were present.
BYD pure electric bus tour in Brazil would last half of a year in both the north and the south, covering major coastal and internal cities in Brazil. Through bus performance test and local road tour, fuel economical performance and general performance of pure electric bus in general road conditions of Brazil would be evaluated. Sao Paulo was selected as the first station in South tour.
Ciro Biderman, deputy secretary of Sao Paulo Ministry of Transportation, stated that he held a positive idea towards development prospect of BYD pure electric bus in Braizl, especially in Sao Paulo with the most diesel buses. Sao Paulo consumed fuel at a large scale each year and produced much pollution. Pure electric bus with zero emission and environmental protection can absolutely resolve the air pollution problem, enhance the life of local residents and improve health.
The beginning of tour held a technical lecture of pure electric bus, where Joco Carlos Fagundes, the director of SPTrans Service Department, introduced BYD to audiences. He said that SPTrans was in the process of promoting renewal and upgrading of public buses in Sao Paulo. BYD was one of the preferred buses into operation. On that day, Vagner, manager of BYD Brazil Sales Company, detailed technologies of pure electric bus and did the Q&A with audiences.
During the trial driving, José, a driver of 25-year experience, said that BYD pure electric bus could achieve range of 250km. The start-up is done by one-button operation, which is easy and convenient for drivers. What’s more, it is of no pollution, no emission and comfort. Guests all gave their praise about excellent performance after taking a trail driving.

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