BYD’s Electric Bus Expansion in Lancaster and Globally, updated Sep. 1st, 2016

BYD’s Electric Bus Expansion in Lancaster and Globally

BYD the electric bus manufacturing company in Lancaster will soon have on the road 60 foot long buses that can travel up to 300 miles on a single charge. This doubles the distance from the prior bus.



BYD “Build Your Dreams” has launched into Chicago and New York, as well as, Los Angeles. They have been operating in Lancaster since 2013, and they are on track to deliver 300 news buses this year. Their first year they only produced 50 buses. They will build and deliver a variety of all-electric bus models, including 14 60-foot-long articulated buses that can carry 120 people with a range of up to 200 miles on one charge, 30 commuter coaches and 41 40-foot standard buses. The 40-foot buses cost $660,000, compared with $500,000 for a diesel hybrid according to reports.


The company employs about 300 workers currently and may increase to 1000 by 2018. The company has expanded beyond is Long Beach initial bus footprint to Gardena, Greater LA, Denver, Canada, Chicago and New York. Additionally, Silicon Valley has requested commuter buses with coffee bars, video games and more luxury interiors.

This is one of a number of areas in Antelope Valley where job growth in growing and showing a long term future foot print.

Source: Land Investment News

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