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2.50 ACRES, APN: 3350-004-071  Parcel is flat topography, located in the vicinity of 181st Street East and Avenue H. Close to ranch homes and local farms. Great value for an excellent location!
Located in the vicinity of 181st Street East & Avenue H.
Zoned LCA11.

Price:$3,500.00 ($1,400 per acre).


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5.00 ACRES, APN: 3107-024-010  Parcel is flat topography, located in the vicinity of paved 30th Street West and Avenue G6. Michaels and Rite Aid distribution centers are within one and half mile. The new track homes are less than 2 miles southeast from the subject parcel. Commercials, retails and warehouses are at 30th St West and Ave H. Sewer, water, phone and electricity are available at both Avenue H and 30th Street West. Priced 40.16% lower than the average sold price. Great value for an excellent location!
Located in the vicinity of 30th Street West & Avenue G6.
Zoned LRSP.

Price:$195,000.00 ($39,000 per acre).


Available 2.50 ACRES, APN: 3268-025-007 The parcel is flat topography, situated approximately two miles south-west of Fox Field Enterprise Zone – approximately 8,000 acres of planned industrial park. Some residential developments are within 1 mile.
Located in the vicinity of 65th Street West & Avenue H10.
Zoned LRRR2.5.

Price:$87,500.00 ($35,000.00 per acre).


21.93 ACRES, APN: 3170-008-022 This residential parcel is flat topography, has a subdivision tentative map, and can be used to build 40 single family houses. It is adjacent to many track homes, solar plant, and next to Lancaster National Soccer Center. Less than 2 miles east from Sierra Highway and 1 mile east from commercials and schools. The City of Lancaster owns adjoined parcels, most of which was purchased from land banking company.
Located in the vicinity of 20th Street East & Avenue K8.
Zoned LRRR1.

Price:$1,363,380.00 ($62,169.63 per acre).


4.13 ACRES, APN: 3204-010-001&002  Parcel is flat topography, located in the vicinity of paved 50th Street West and paved Avenue K, with Water, phone and electricity available at the street. It is close to six major Single Family Houses construction sites. Many ranch homes and schools are within 1/4 mile. Meanwhile, the parcel is only 1 mile north from the city town center corridor area, which is located between Avenue L to Avenue M2 on 50th Street West.
Antelope Valley College, Elementary School, Palmdale Hospital, Palmdale City Park and Supercenter/Supermarket are within 3 miles.
Located in the vicinity of 50th Street West & Avenue K.
Zoned LCA1-10,000.
Price:$255,000.00 ($65,051.02 per acre).


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