Land Banking Strategy

Why Land Banking?

Land Banking is not a new concept. The federal and state government, conservatories, trusts, corporations, developers and wealthy individuals have been Land Banking for decades. The benefits of Land Banking include:

· Historical Consistent High Return

Increasing populations and sprawling cities make land a hot commodity around the world. Hungry corporations and developers identify and purchase open real estate for future commercial, retail and residential use in the paths of growth. When holding land for 10 or more years Land Banker can maximize returns by capturing multiple value spikes on their parcels.

· Protection of Principle

Land is real property and it’s a tangible asset. The purchases of land feel far more “real” or “tangible” than a stock or bond. Nobody can guarantee rates of return, but your initial contribution is typically protected from dilution.


Where to Land Banking?

Desirable land is often located close to jobs, growing residential areas, and transportation corridors. Researching local zoning designation, history and trends can provide invaluable information for predicting future growth trends. State, county and local governments and agencies designate specific growth paths, so that they can plan for future water, power and transportation needs. As cities expand, more land is needed for residential developments, industry and roadways. Land Banking along these paths typically yields the highest return for investors.

ACEQ Investment Group primarily focuses on an area in Northeast Los Angeles and west Kern counties called Antelope Valley. To understand why this is the area of great potential, please contact us or attend our workshop for more extensive report.


Who Can Land Banking?

Individuals who are looking for:

· A secure retirement portfolio;

Land Banking is an ideal vehicle for retirement planning since typically most Land Banking parcels are held for ten or more years. As part of a long-term retirement strategy, individuals should balance portfolio in stocks and bonds with Land Banking to properly prepare for future financial security and liquidity.

· A reliable education planning;

18 years from now, a four year college education is estimated to cost over $600,000. Concerned parents must plan ahead to meet the rising costs. A Land Banking acquisition at today’s price and held while children and grandchildren grow is one of the most reliable ways to ensure secure assets to fund college education.

· A wealth building strategy.

Land Banking can be a very active component in fulfilling your wealth building goals. It is estimated that over eighty percent of the millionaires in America built their wealth through real estate.

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