More Than 20 Large Builders Are Buying Land in Antelope Valley (2015)

More than 20 large builders are building new homes in Antelope Valley this year (2015). More industrial and commercial projects are under construction in the meantime.

We wish you own the land near these developing sites.


(Click the pictures below or search “Antelope Valley New Homes” in Google Maps )

Palmdale new homes Lancaster new homes

These large builders are:
1. KB Homes, at least 8 sites in Lancaster and Palmdale, CA;
2. Richmond American Homes;
3. Pacific Communities Builder;
4. Pacific Highland;
5. Kc Construction Co.;
6. J J Construction Inc.;
7. Frontier Homes;
8. H&H Homes Inc.;
9. AN Construction;
10. Ajm Construction;
11. High View Homes, Inc.;
12. Saphir Small Family Home;
13. Dave Leonard General Constructor;
14. Jim Deverian General Constructor;
15. Pacific Garden;
16. Alniami Construction Co.;
17. Imagination Unlimited Construction;
18. Richard Stanworth Construction;
19. Farrell Construction Co.;
20. Bales Construction;
21. AN Construction;
22. Cartera Construction Corporation

Major Developments Under Construction (Updated April 2015)
(Major Developments Under Construction, updated April 2015 by the City of Lancaster, CA)

Palmdale New Completed Projects
(Picture: the City of Palmdale New Completed Projects, updated 2015 September)


In 2014, a solar company purchased 66 parcels in Antelope Valley. Right now, there are solar plants being built on these parcels, providing megawatts of power to the Los Angeles County. This is one of many solar companies, which are buying and holding more land. There are many industries in the area that demand large amounts of land.

a Solor Company purchased 66 parcels[1]

Antelope Valley Solar
(Picture: Solar Plants and Projects in Antelope Vally. Credit: CHGlass)


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