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As a property owner in Los Angeles County, you shall receive property tax bills from the Los Angeles County Tax Collector’s office. You can check your tax payment status through Los Angeles County Tax Website at ““.


The following Frequently Asked Questions can guide you through paying property tax correctly and timely.


What is the best way to pay your property tax bill if you have cotenant(s)?

One of the cotenants should be designated as the responsible party (e.g. the cotenant who holds the large proportion of the property). That party should collect all the checks from the other cotenants, and mail the checks together, in one envelope with the tax bill, to Los Angeles County Tax Collector’s office.


How do you collect a property tax payment check from Equity Trust or IRA Services?


Here are the steps:

  1. Complete the proper form: for IRA Services, “Expense Payment Request”, or for Equity Trust, “Bill Pay/Direction of
  2. Ask the custodian to issue a check made payable to “Los Angeles County Tax Collector” and have the custodian mail it
    to your home address. Make sure to include your correct home address in the proper section of the form.
  3. When you receive the check, make a copy for your record, and then mail the check with the tax bill to Los Angeles
    County Tax Collector’s office. By doing this, you will maintain full control of timely tax payments.


What do you need to include on your check when you remit your property tax to make certain that your tax payment is credited property?

Write all of the following information on the payment check:

  • Assessment Parcel Number (APN)
  • Tax year – for example YR 08 (indicates 2008 – 2009), YR 09 (indicates 2009 – 2010)
  • Sequence number – for example SEQ No. 000 indicates that this is an annual tax bill; Any other sequence number
    refers to a supplemental tax bill.


What is a Substitute Secured Property Tax Bill?

The Substitute Secured Property Tax Bill is a lien of the annual and supplemental tax bills issued by the Treasure and Tax Collector, which can be provided upon request, and may be used as an instrument of payment or as a record of payment activity.


Does a land owner always receive a Supplement Tax Bill?

No. If the assessment value of your property is below the previous assessed land value, the land owner will receive a refund check from Los Angeles County Tax Collector’s Office.


Which owner should pay for the Supplement Tax Bills?

Look at the Transfer/New construction data on the Supplement Tax Bill to determine who is responsible for the payment. Example: ACEQ property was recorded on Oct. 28, 2004, and the Transfer/New Construction data is Oct. 28, 2004, in this case, ACEQ is responsible to pay the supplement tax.


Additional tax payment tips are shown:

  • Make a copy for your records of each check issued as a tax payment
  • Issue only ONE check for each installment. Do not include more than one installment amount in a specific check
  • Collect all checks from your cotenants and mail them together with the tax bill to Los Angeles County Tax Collector
    through certified mail.



Los Angeles County Property Tax Information:

Los Angeles County Assessment Office Information:

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