About Us

Who We Are ?

ACEQ Investment Group was founded in 2005. We are a team of real estate professionals assisting people in building their financial wealth through real estate investment. Our business mainly focuses on a safe and profitable long term strategy called Land Banking. We help people plan retirement and build wealth through Land Banking. Also, we help our customers select residential properties in which to invest. All of our real estate investment is in California, due to the geographic and demographic advantages that make the state an investment heaven for both local and oversea investors.


Our business has evolved from personal successful investment of our founders. Our business goal is to reach out people and assist them in improving their financial future and to deliver maximum benefits to our customers. We have helped many individuals and business owners in securing a better retirement for themselves and building a legacy for their children and grandchildren. We have testimonials from our customers attesting to their satisfaction.



Why Do Business With Us ?

ACEQ Investment Group has hundreds of customers from US and oversea. We have assisted many people to roll their IRAs as well as some qualified 401(K), Solo 401(K) and 403(b), etc. into carefully selected California real estate. We have the knowledge and expertise in selecting the right property for you. In addition, we have broad connections with CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors and other professionals who can assist you in taxation, immigration and asset management.


We Will Help You:

• Explore how our real estate can help you reach your financial goals;

• Select the real estate that is the best for you to own;

• Show you how to rollover your IRAs to real estate;

• Provide fee simple title ownership and title insurance for your property.

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